Le Camp started in 2007 and is a small, family owned and run business. We love camping and nature but don’t like to compromise on comfort, style or service. We are constantly thinking of new ways to enrich your holiday experience, whether that be in the quality of our accommodation, the service we provide or the camp’s relationship with it’s natural environment. Green travel isn’t just a buzz word to us. It is engrained in everything we do.

Small, sustainable but super comfortable

We understand how precious your holiday time is. That’s why we do everything we can to offer you a first-class outdoor holiday with a glamping experience: top-quality tented lodges, the forgotten luxuries of space, privacy, peace, harmony with nature, and time to be with your loved ones. That’s what makes your holiday with us truly special.

Caring for nature

We continuously strive to protect and enhance our relationship with our land, community and natural world. Our natural swimming pool provides a valuable habitat for wildlife and is a great way to teach the next generation about nature. Our site is a mixture of woodland and open meadow which we have added to with protected space like hedgehog piles, toad pits and insect paradises.

Supporting local

Wherever possible, we like to work with local artisans and producers.
Don’t hesitate to ask us for recommendations on the best local businesses and activities to support.
We’d be delighted to make some suggestions.

Conserving water

We conserve water , so precious resource.
The waste water from the main showerhouse and washing machine is used to water the compost garden. The waste water from cleaning the pool filter (which is full of nutrients) is used to water the flowers. We don’t water the lawns!

Utilising our resources

We compost everything, from the huge piles of fallen oak leaves in Autumn, to your used barbeque charcoal and fire ash, to the coffee grounds from breakfast. This compost is then fed to our fruit trees which we then turn into delicious jam for you to enjoy with breakfast!

Minimising light pollution

Total darkness and star gazing is a real treat here so we minimise light pollution with soft solar lighting. Please bring your own torch if you want to explore Le Camp after dark!

Latest News

Le Camp is featured in Belgian travel magazine "l'evasion", as a top place to stay near the to Abbaye de Beaulieu.

Le Camp features in The Times article "The 25 best glampsites in Europe"

Le Camp highlighted in the Tarn-et-Garonne Tourisme press guide 2023...

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