Spirit of Le Camp



Our Spirit and Philosophy

Le Camp started in 2007 and is a small, family owned and run business. We love camping and nature but we also like to be in a comfortable, stylish environment. Our aim is to create the sort of holiday that we would want – enjoying the best of the outdoors, luxuriously. We run and manage Le Camp ourselves, which means that everything is done to the highest standard, all of the time. We are constantly thinking of new ways to enrich your holiday experience, whether that be in the quality of our accommodation, the service we provide or the campís relationship with itís natural environment.

The market for luxury camping, or glamping has grown.  Whether you are looking for a simple stay in a luxury tent in a field, or a luxury tent on a typical campsite, or like Le Camp, a complete luxury camping experience with higher quality facilities, there is a wide choice for all budgets and tastes. For us, much of the glamour in the term Glamping, comes from the peace, the space and the sense of wellbeing that you can only achieve when you spend time outdoors in a beautiful setting.

We care passionately about high standards and we understand how very precious your holiday is. Le Camp is a special place, private and comfortable, whilst retaining the true spirit of camping. Before Le Camp, Nigel spent 11 years running a luxury tented safari camp in Kenya, so we know what it takes to provide an first class outdoor holiday experience.

 We’re constantly asking how we can give you the best holiday experience with a clear environmental conscience.

WoodWe continuously strive to protect and enhance our relationship with our land, community and natural world, whilst giving you a luxurious, outdoor holiday. Our natural swimming pond provides a wonderful habitat for wildlife and is a great way to teach the next generation about nature. When adding new design features we source local materials and use local artisans wherever possible. Or we buy unique second hand pieces that once belonged in a French farmhouse. We conserve water as this precious resource is all too often wasted in modern life, which is why our tents have composting toilets. We grow lots of beautiful plants so we recycle your shower water to keep them alive. We compost everything, from the fallen oak leaves in Autumn, to your used bbq charcoal, to the coffee grounds from breakfast. Our resident goats and guinea pigs make light work of fruit and veg peelings and turn them into fantastic fertiliser. They also help keep the weeds down without the use of any chemicals! Total darkness is a real treat here so we minimise light pollution with soft solar lighting.

These are just a few examples of the steps that we have taken to create a small but sustainable business. It is these efforts that have contributed to us being selected for Alastair Sawday's new "Green Europe - Special Places to Stay" guide, and featured in Rough Guide's “Clean Breaks, 500 new ways to see the world>”.